What's included inside The Ultimate Small Business Social Pack:


✔️ Email Marketing Strategy & 6 Email Examples You Can Use For Your Small Business (PDF Format)

Your customer engagement strategy is key to success as a small business owner. Knowing when and how to communicate with customers can be the difference between keeping them as loyal fans or pushing them away with content that's either irrelevant or sent too frequently. This PDF will list the types of emails you need to create, in which order, and six examples of emails you can use for your small business.


✔️ 25 Reels Videos/Reminder Quotes (Canva Templates)

Using reels for your small business can be incredibly beneficial! Reels are a great way to reach new audiences and showcase your products or services engagingly and creatively. With Instagram pushing Reels, you can capitalize on their platform's reach and maximize your visibility. 


✔️ 50 Client Testimonials & Reviews For Instagram & Facebook posts (Canva Templates)

Client testimonials and reviews can be a great asset for any small business. Testimonials and reviews provide potential customers with valuable information about your business, product, or service. They can help boost your credibility, establish trust, and build relationships with potential customers. 


✔️ 94 Motivational Social Media Quotes For Instagram & Facebook Posts (Canva Templates)

Using these premade templates can be a great way to save time and energy when posting on Instagram and Facebook.


✔️ 20 Pinterest Product-Based Pins (Canva Templates)

These Pinterest templates are designed to be easy to use, even for those who don't have much experience with graphic design. You can customize the template to suit your needs and create something that looks great in no time. 


✔️ 50 Notifications & Reminders For Instagram & Facebook Posts (Canva Templates)

With these templates, you can easily create beautiful visuals that look professional and polished. This can help you to stand out from the competition and make a great impression. 


✔️ 50 Lead Magnets & Course Promotion For Instagram & FB Posts (Canva Templates)

Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list. Use these lead magnet mockups to help you showcase your freebie or lead magnet.


✔️ 140 Call To Actions For Social Media (PDF Format)

Use these 140 call to actions on social media to encourage likes, and comments, get saves, shares, follow, drive traffic to your small business, and encourage people to spend more time on your post, stories, and highlights.


✔️ 350 Etsy Pinterest Group Boards (PDF Format)

Don't waste time finding Etsy Pinterest Group Boards to promote your products. I have compiled a list of 350 Etsy Pinterest Group Boards to save you time. Grab them now!


✔️ 115 Small Business Pinterest Group Boards (PDF Format)

Don't waste time finding Small Business Pinterest Group Boards to promote your products. I have compiled a list of 115 Small Business Pinterest Group Boards to save you time. Grab them now!


✔️ 280 Email Subject Lines For Small Business Owners (PDF Format)

Having an enticing subject line is incredibly important when it comes to writing emails. This is because it is the first thing a recipient will see and the key that will determine whether or not they open your email. It should be both memorable and informative, as it should accurately reflect the content of the email. Save time using these email subject lines for various niches.


✔️ 514 Hashtags For Small Business Owners (PDF Format)

Hashtags are a great tool to help small businesses gain awareness and visibility. They can help you reach a larger audience, organize content, and even help you track conversations surrounding your brand. Grab this massive list of hashtags to use for your small business.


✔️ 177 Instagram Story Content Ideas for Small Business Owners (PDF Format)

Use these Instagram story content ideas to never run out of ideas and help you gain visibility, warm up your audience, and get sales.

✔️ 75 Etsy Promotion Facebook Groups (PDF Format)

Don't waste time searching for Etsy Facebook groups where you can promote your products. I have compiled a list of 75 Etsy Promotional Facebook Groups to help you gain visibility and drive more traffic to your Etsy shop.


✔️ 75 Small Business Promotion Facebook Groups (PDF Format)

Don't waste time searching for Small Business Facebook Groups where you can promote your products. I have compiled a list of 75 Small Business Promotional Facebook Groups to help you gain visibility and drive more traffic to your small business. 


✔️ 25 Fill In The Blank-Style Prompts For Facebook and Instagram (PDF Format)

Fill in the blanks-style prompts can be a creative and fun way to engage your audience on social media. They can also be a great way to get to know your followers better and their opinions and thoughts on your brand and products. . Plus, they’re a great way to spark conversations and get people talking about your content.


✔️ 15 Instagram Story Highlights For Small Business Owners

With these specially designed Story highlights templates, small business owners can showcase their brand in a unique and creative way. Canva's customizable colors, fonts, and backgrounds make customizing for your own personal style simple!


✔️ 50 Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners (PDF Format)

Facebook can be incredibly powerful for getting the word out about your brand and showing customers why your handmade items are unique. But staying active on Facebook can be tough, especially when finding new post ideas daily. Don't worry – we've got you covered!


✔️ 50 Captions for Social Media For Small Business Owners (PDF Format)

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to have a presence on social media. It's one of the best ways to draw attention and increase the visibility of your store and its products. But crafting the perfect caption for each post can be challenging! To help, we've compiled 50 amazing captions that you can use to spruce up your posts, engage with followers, and create interesting content that will get people talking about your business.


✔️ 50 Facebook Engagement Questions

(PDF Format)

Boost your Facebook group's engagement and take your business to the next level with these 50 thought-provoking questions! From learning about your customers' favorite products to gaining insights on how to improve your customer service, this list of questions will help you build stronger relationships with your community and drive more sales. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with your audience - try these questions today and watch your engagement skyrocket!


✔️ 200 Thread Ideas (PDF Format)

These thread ideas are designed to bolster your brand's visibility, amplify audience engagement, and ultimately drive sales.


✔️ 200 Customer Survey Ideas (PDF format)

These comprehensive 200 customer survey ideas are invaluable tools for assessing customer satisfaction and their overall experience with your products and services.


✔️ 300 Caption Starters (PDF format)

Use these caption starters as engaging phrases or sentences that you can use to kickstart your social media posts, blog articles, or any written content. They serve as attention-grabbers, setting the tone and drawing readers into your message. 


✔️ 300 Abandonment Flow Examples (PDF Format)

Use these abandonment flow examples that you can use for various stages of customer engagement subject lines. 


✔️ 50 DM Messages (PDF format)

Create authentic connections by utilizing these direct message (DM) conversations when individuals follow you or interact with your profile.


✔️ 200 Reel Ideas For Small Business Owners

Harness the immense potential of these creative Reel ideas as potent tools to elevate your brand's visibility, forge compelling connections with a broader customer base, and ultimately surge ahead in terms of sales performance.


✔️ 50 Ask Review Scripts (PDF Format)

Feel free to adapt and customize these scripts to suit your specific product or service and the tone of your brand. You can also create variations by changing the language, tone, or emphasis in each script to keep your requests fresh and engaging for your customers.


✔️ 180 Email Sign-Offs

Enhance your email communication with our 180 Email Sign-Offs collection. From professional and polished to friendly and warm, our handpicked sign-offs cater to all your email needs. Elevate your correspondence and leave a lasting impression with these versatile and stylish email endings. Whether it's business or personal emails, we've got the perfect sign-off for you. Say goodbye in style with 180 Email Sign-Offs!

✔️ 50 Repeat Customer Scripts

Introducing 50 Repeat Customer Scripts, the ultimate toolkit for businesses looking to foster loyalty and boost sales. This invaluable product provides a collection of 50 meticulously crafted, proven scripts designed to engage, retain, and delight your most valued customers. These scripts cover a wide range of scenarios, from expressing gratitude for their loyalty to rekindling interest in your products or services. With 50 Repeat Customer Scripts, you'll have the power to build lasting relationships, drive repeat business, and transform occasional shoppers into loyal advocates. Elevate your customer service and increase your revenue with this indispensable resource.

✔️ 365 Faceless Reel Ideas

365 Faceless Reel Ideas: A Year's Worth of Innovative and Engaging Content Concepts! Discover daily inspiration to keep your social media buzzing with fresh, captivating content that doesn't require showing your face. From diverse industries to creative challenges, this collection has you covered, ensuring your audience stays entertained and informed throughout the year.


✔️ 700 Email Subject Line Library (PDF Format)

Unlock the power of effective communication with our Email Subject Line Library, featuring 700 meticulously crafted subject lines across seven distinct categories. Whether you're looking to make a stellar first impression, address common problems and solutions, announce a compelling offer, boost engagement, open a captivating narrative loop, educate your audience, or debunk false beliefs, we've got you covered.

Will this work for my niche?

The Ultimate Small Business Social Pack is perfect for Etsy Sellers, Handmade Sellers, and Small Business Owners to help stop wasting time and fast-track your results by leveraging the power of social media.

These done-for-you templates, content, and resources were designed with small business owners in mind. It doesn't matter what product or services you sell.



You're tired of spending so much time on social media and feeling burnout and overwhelmed.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to spend too much time on social media and feel burnout.

Our social media pack can help make this task easier by providing helpful resources and strategies to help you manage your time and energy on social media.


You don't have enough time with a full-time job and working on your side hustle to grow your brand awareness using social media. 

We understand how difficult it can be to manage a full-time job and a side hustle. That's why our social media pack is the perfect solution for saving time and increasing your productivity.

Our social pack package lets you easily create, post, and manage social media content quickly and efficiently. 


Imagine if you could...


stop wasting time and have more time to dedicate to your small business

get your strategies in order and plan content like a pro

imagine never running out of content ideas and reaching your target audience

increase your engagement and drive tons of leads back to your small business

My name is Nancy Badillo, a content creator, marketer, and Etsy coach that can you help leverage social media to drive tons of traffic and leads to your small business.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine building a thriving online presence with all the tools in one place.

Inside The Ultimate Small Business Social Media Pack, you get 4,806 pieces of social media content & templates to help you save time, grow your brand awareness, and make money online.

The best part is that this social media pack was created in mind for small business owners.


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you, they're yours too!


The Ultimate Social Media Business Social Pack is for Etsy sellers, Handmade Sellers, and Small Business Owners who want to grow brand awareness to get more traffic and increase sales.


The Ultimate Small Business Social Pack is designed to be easy and intuitive for anyone, regardless of technical knowledge. You'll have access to our team at any time if you need help with anything - we're here 24/7!


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